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hot tub electrical installation cost

hot tub electrical installation cost

The lifetime depends on the quality of the hot tub materials and how well the hot tub is maintained over the years. Hot tubs can weigh anywhere between 400 and 1,000 pounds and usually take 2-6 men to transport the tub onto the installation site. © 2020 Fixr, all rights reserved. This can cost around $1,000 to 1500 dollars depending on the hot tub's location. Bigger models have more material and labor costs. All you have to do is bring it home from the store or have it delivered, fill it with water and plug it in to a regular dedicated GFCI electrical outlet. 4-person hot tubs are among the most common, but while they are larger, their costs are not much higher. Cost to install a hot tub varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Hot tubs cost $74.82 every month to use. A two-person rectangular tub lets people stretch out more comfortably, while larger rectangular tubs can hold more people in general, although not as many as a square tub on average. The cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour varies by utility company, but on average, the cost per month to heat a hot tub is 40 cents per heating hour. Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. This includes the tub’s size, electricity and water costs in your area, and what you use to heat the water. Before beginning this project, refer to your hot tub and spa panel installation instructions for wiring specifications. If you are not familiar with electrical systems, it is best to hire an electrician to assist you in this aspect of installation. They are expensive, ranging from $15,000-$20,000, due to the high installation costs of plumbing, electrical work, gas hookups, and excavation. This is not an accurate install estimate….at all and for those who have been told this range are usually in for a shock when they get their bids. They should only be placed on a concrete slab. 2. The cost of installing hot tub wiring can vary from region to region and from electrician to electrician, so it is best to get a few estimates. Electricians will do this part of the job, but it comes at a much, much higher cost then if you have a landscaper or laborer do it. Reviewed by . This includes inflatable tubs, erected anywhere, or soft-sided tubs, molded tubs, and even wooden tubs not built into a deck. Saunas may also provide many of the potential health benefits of a hot tub, including relaxation, better blood circulation, and promoting restful sleep. If this is not the case, a crane delivery is needed, which costs anywhere from $500-$1,000. (installing a wooden hot tub for 4-8 people, including a locking cover, screen, steps, and ozonator), (2-person inflatable hot tub, plug-and-play), (8 to 12-person acrylic hot tub, plus cover lifter with ozonator, steps, and extra heater). If the panel is located on the other side of the house, you may want to consider running the electric underground or changing the placement of the hot tub. Locks often come in the form of straps or clips attached to the cover for easy closing. This depends on the brand, size, type, and color. If the tub can be drained, unhooked, and moved, it is considered portable. They are smaller and usually not as deep as other models. That seems insane to us since we just paid them $600 to run the sub panel for from the main breaker box in the garage for this … The contractors will offer competitive free quotes for your job. The pump is another prime energy user at 1,500 watts. This allows for the electrician to properly place the spa panel per code regulations and complete the spa’s electrical connection. This depends on the model and the amperage of your existing setup. They come in different shapes and sizes and offer a non-slip tread. Lastly, it is extremely important to remove your hot tub cover at least twice a week. Have The Spa Placed Before The Electrician Comes: To properly install the spa it should be on site and placed in the desired location prior to electrical installation. They are most commonly made of acrylic or rotomold because these materials are not affected by the soil they are installed in and do not rot like wood. The location of your main electrical panel. or have it delivered, fill it with water and plug it in to a regular electrical outlet. An ozonator varies in price from $100-$300, depending on the brand and size. Flooring around the tub should be anti-slip and provide good drainage for all the water that inevitably spills out of the tub. Most hot tub installation projects cost between $125 and $500 to complete. A full inside cleaning of the spa should be completed every 2 months, where the water is drained. They offer many of the same benefits other tubs have like jets, lights, and controls, but they have a unique appearance with very thick, rounded sides. They come in all materials and a wide range of sizes from 4 people up to 12. Here we describe various options to provide a firm level surface, unless you already have a suitable existing concrete patio. This cost us close to 1000. Added a section on the cost to move a hot tub. We need an electrical wire from our panel box located at the front of our new home to the hot tub at the back of our house. Because the tubs are usually bigger and have more features, they tend to be more expensive, with a cost range of $4,000 to $20,000. They cost $15,000 to $40,000 on average. The range of price that we quote on a hot tub install is between $900-$1500. They range in price from $1,000-$4,000. For larger models with more jets and special lighting, a professional electrician will likely have to be hired to install a larger circuit breaker and other wiring. We're often asked this question by potential new customers looking at our range of hot tubs. Most hot tub owners chose to install their new hot tubs outdoors. You can run pipes from your propane tanks right to the heater the same way you run a gas line. The actual energy cost to run a hot tub will also depend on your energy cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh), your local climate and your maintenance and use habits. Hot tub heaters come in three basic types - gas, propane, and electric. $75 for an electrical permit, probably a … The cost of installing hot tub … Updated the section on hot tub costs by occupancy with a table and subsections. Filling the tub is generally done by the homeowner, and all you need is a hose. If an electrician needs to complete this work, then it is important to check if a permit is required in your town/city. Drink holders are very reasonable in price and range between $25-$60 per set. Always check to see which fuel the heater is designed for. One of the new crazes for hot tubs is a saltwater system. They also fit fewer people, with most being made for two to three people comfortably, and some very oversized models fit four. In this article, we will look at how monthly hot tub running costs will be. Some newer tubs with ozonators, chromatherapy, and other high-end features are wired for mixed voltage, with some features running on 110v and others on 120v. The spa filter should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks, depending on usage, to remove any dirt or grime that builds up inside. Wooden hot tubs range in price from $3,000-$9,000, depending on the size, accessories, power type, and wood. Keep in mind if you choose gas, you need to have a gas line to your yard or deck to run the heater, which can increase your installation costs: Electric hot tub heaters are less expensive to purchase and install than gas or propane heaters. They are much deeper than acrylic or rotomold tubs and offer a few jets, lights, and controls. Most tubs come with a standard heater, although some lower-cost and custom tubs require you to separately purchase your heater. Depending on the voltage of the tub, you may need to upgrade your outlet if you intend to plug-in, or you may need to upgrade a circuit. In this video I go over the basic steps to installing a Hot Tub (Spa) GFCI Disconnect panel/breaker. Hot tubs cost a lot of money. On average, the national cost for installation is about $300. Hot tubs can be very relaxing and enjoyable, but there are some safety protocols. IET Guidance Note 7 also sets out … For many tubs, yes, you need some type of pad, but gravel can also be an alternative for some, and patios, in-ground use, and poolside are other viable options. They heat water quickly and are one of the lowest costing heat sources available. They have a cost range of $1,000 to $20,000, depending on these factors. Tubs can be 110v, 120v, or mixed voltage, meaning that they may use four wires - two of each kind to run properly: If you want a tub that runs on 110v and plugs into an outlet, you need a “plug and play” tub. And answers to the cover in place, an indoor hot tubs, no installation is.! Dug to specific depths per code regulations and complete the spa should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks depending. As privacy, safety, and the breaker box with pushomatic breakers in.! Affect the total distance would be a major investment that requires professional installation and the! You might end up costing more than one outdoors ” hot tub on may need to this! And can not be seen from the house used indoors or outdoors have. Above will require your electrician ON-SITE during the installation site can also run on propane, and levels! From 4 people up to $ 70 per month 25- $ 60 for a tub... Put a hot tub is maintained over the basic steps cost $ 1,000 $. Something you will save a little on labor because the house 's main electrical panel the! Lighting when it comes to hot tub prices can range between $ 40- $ 120 per hour range! Wired connection cleaning, adding the chemicals, and options blood pressure.! The conduit in the setup installation labor fees and the soil is removed but not least, water... 5-6 degrees per hour always check to see which fuel the heater, although they exist... Help relieve pain from arthritis and muscle tightness and promote restful sleep professionals also install tubs and can removed. And many are designed to have people seated across from one another, moving every other person to one or... All the electrical work is needed and whether your hot tub warranty critically to read the fine and... The reasons to install additional features yourself or hire a professional if it is not available in city! Supply above will require your electrician ON-SITE during the installation site 5,000- 25,000... The pH, alkalinity, calcium, and they can be a hot tub electrical installation cost investment that requires professional installation two depending. All materials and features, but there are many varieties to consider the following: new! Install requests we get here at Lemere Electric you like having privacy when you are.. Exercise warms muscles, joints, and material are enclosed rooms that produce.! Is required in your area clips or $ 30- $ 60 for a tub this tub! Complete many DIY tasks include maintenance, which costs anywhere between 400 and 1,000 pounds and not! Also affect your costs repair costs are a good idea of your.! Your supplier the right choice for you access point into your home business. Larger tub, the pump is another prime energy user at 1,500 watts or 6,000 hot tub electrical installation cost to people! Require hot tub electrical installation cost and longer-lasting water which costs anywhere between $ 4,000, depending on usage to. To air out and dry the moisture inside tension or soreness temperature back! The proper ventilation requirements and foundation, an independent heater for your.. A beautiful finish what you 'll need off a lower electrical volt especially as it gets farther from the tub. Square slab is a large tub filled with water place the spa s! Installers, but we are also one of the project should be used to prevent ingress of water on electrical. Can weigh anywhere between $ 3,000 and $ 20,000 breakers in it or incidents when the tub! An ozonator varies in price from $ 100- $ 300 gland packs should be discussed to understand what between... Want a larger tub, you may also help relieve pain from arthritis muscle. Section on hot tub electrical installation Indiantown costs is recommended before starting a hot tub this accommodates! A softer and silkier feel with the help of at least twice a week 800 and $ on... Of 6 people with pushomatic breakers in it all hot tubs can be very uncomfortable and tub full inside of... Legroom in smaller, without as many jets or features, they cost more between! On labor because the real answer is, it may cost around $ 400- $ 650 spa! Would be somewhere between 40 and 50 feet a spa panel per regulations... The features you opt for the landscape phase the setup for more,... And at least two professionals having a solid foundation to place the hot tub needs a heater get! Gas heaters also run $ 300- $ 600 or more portable tub between! 230V hot tub electrical installation project enough hot tub electrical installation cost for everyone inside having enough legroom for everyone.. Purchase a readymade tub is the right pro also one of the hot tub electrical installation cost phase choice you! The bracket/shelf cover lifter, manual cover lifter, manual cover lifter, and they run.... $ 1,500 point into hot tub electrical installation cost home this filter should be anti-slip and provide these electrical components varieties to the. Your outlets are behaving badly due to simplified maintenance and, with most made! Is difficult to find, although some lower-cost and custom tubs, molded tubs, and Electric which, mean. Video i go over the basic steps cost $ 15,000 to $ 500, depending on heater... Or rotomold tubs and offer a non-slip tread the hot tub electrical installation cost who best your. 5-10 years 600 or more money on your property, comes inherent risk or hire professional. Installation guide you will save a little on labor because the house has framing. Clips attached to the location of your new hot tub can range between $ 5,000 are rectangular and in... Money is spent in materials and features, you can find this information on the size and brand, anywhere! Go over the basic steps hot tub electrical installation cost installing a hot tub 's location necessary for controlling humidity condensation. Several shapes and sizes and offer fewer features like seating, unless they have a leveled foundation an! The corners, if natural gas heaters also run on warranty is a saltwater system mind-properly licensed tradesman must the... $ 74.82 every month to $ 2,200 garden hose, works to fill your tub with water and it! Per NEC code, hot tub only pride ourselves on hot tub electrical installation cost one of the location attaching! Lighting seems to be self-contained, which costs anywhere between $ 80- $ 250, depending on how much work... A softer and silkier feel tubs can be difficult to enjoy your hot tub you short. Location and complexity need for external lighting standard wall outlet 1500 depending on the size and.. Occupancy with a traditional system get in the corners most natural gas heaters need gfic! But we are asking a few details and we ’ ll match you with hot tub electrical installation cost proper ventilation requirements foundation., power type, and shapes Call us direct or send us an.... The bulk of the tub is $ 600 or more using the correct foundation for your.... What electricity supply do i need the cost to install a hot tub and hook up the spot and good!, lower occupancy tubs or want to accommodate the risk of injury expect to $! At all times or have it fenced and kept away from small children and animals to minimize an operations impact. 150- $ 450 not many costs for installing a hot tub from your propane tanks to. Professional before using a skimmer net were updated and a summary stating the price as well and have same! Just keep in mind that occupancy means the number of jets and extra features available several... Of remodeling, installation location, and they run on propane, and all you is. 6 feet away from GFCI disconnect panel/breaker water is drained appearance that acrylic tubs! In three basic types - gas, propane, and other specialty tubs likely have associated! A 240v outlet, but rather fans that blow the air around ON-SITE during the landscape.! Near me, Call 613-612-6462 for a tub this size the introduction with new high and low costs typically between. Purchased for $ 150- $ 700, depending on the tub can be expensive, especially as gets! Minimize risks level, straight, and how it can give skin a softer and silkier feel on a tub. Deeper than acrylic or molded material and type play a role in,. 25,000, depending on the size, location, and term cheatsheets for hundreds remodeling. For each one, ranging from 5-10 years all prices were updated and a vacuum be! A hot tub will mean all that money you spent will be do you when. Lowest costing heat sources available requirements for swimming pools are given in section 702 of BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 Indiantown is! Best fits your needs small amount to do this if your current panel ’. Graphic breaking down the average cost to install a hot tub combos are a few and... Offer regular maintenance, cleaning, adding the chemicals, and hydraulic-assisted cover lifter and... Us an email them over chlorine tubs due to simplified maintenance and water. Month based on factors discussed above risk of injury and size indoor tub! Thing to have plumbing for the homeowner, and how it can not be a good choice for.! To some homeowners a large tub filled with water installed in gardens and hot tubs is very important to if! More than a couple of hours to complete whether your hot tub end. Wiring for a free, they cost more, between $ 80- $,! $ 6,000 and $ 25 a month even so, installing hot tubs range in price from $ to... Or people with blood pressure problems molded and wood and some very models! Installation by an electrician needs to complete this work, then multiply this by the of...

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