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how to tour scotland

Of course, Scotland is a also great destination for island hopping. Sign up here! I hope you have a lovely trip ti Scotland! . Cheers, Kathi. I love the best of scotland one week itinerary but want to spend potentially an extra day exploring glencoe, loch lomond and fort william. Need to find the PUFFINS!!! Or book a private walking tour in Glasgow with me! Travel … The first decisions are often the hardest, but once you know when and how long you will visit Scotland, how you want to get around Scotland and what sort of activities you are interested in, it is time to plan your actual itinerary. Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment . Save valuable vacation time with skip-the-line … View all small group tours. If you visit popular and potentially sparsely populated places, like the Isle of Skye, North Coast 500, Orkney, the Hebrides or the Isle of Mull, you have to book accommodation in advance – unless you plan to wild camp. Combining trains, buses and ferries you can travel the entire country – you might just need a bit more time and flexibility to reach every destination on my itineraries. The public transport system in Scotland is great and covers all of the areas that I mention in my 7-day itinerary, however not all of the stops I write about will be possible – either because the bus-/train-route doesn’t pass there or there is no option/time to get off. Kathi. There are many festivals happening all over the country year-round. I’d recommend to shop around and read reviews before you decide on a tour around Scotland. Stirling Castle, Loch Lomond & Whisky: 1-day tour from Glasgow with Rabbie’s – a similar 1-day tour to Stirling Castle from Edinburgh also includes Loch Lomond and a stop at the Kelpies! Too many cities, islands, mountains, valleys, castles and lochs to choose from; all of them are worth a stop, but it’s impossible to see them all, no matter how much time you have. When you book a Nordic Visitor tour, you can expect: • An authentic travel experience operated by a trusted local company • A dedicated travel consultant who’ll arrange your tour 2. West Coast of Scotland Make sure you have a good waterproof jacket though that also keeps the wind out! Scotland is magical when you gather the perfect ingredients: the people, the music, the food, the legends, the natural scenery, and being open to every oppotunity that comes your way, planned or not. I am planning a 5 day trip to Scotland in the first week of July with my husband and 20 month old. The problem with driving is that unless you are very used to driving on the other side of the road, you will have to concentrate on driving not touring. On guided tours, transport is taken care of for the entire group and you don’t have to worry about anything – but is it enough flexibility? The Isle of Mull has a hot-spot or two (eg the island of Iona) but it’s a reminder that most of Scotland’s islands could be considered off the beaten track. Glasgow to Inverness by train – travelling from Glasgow to Inverness also takes around 3 1/2 hours and trains depart from Glasgow Queen St approximately every 1 – 2 hours. For Outlander Fans No problem, look out for the messenger symbol on the bottom right throughout the website to chat as a guest. Highlights. If you want to road trip Scotland (which we highly recommend- there are some INCREDIBLY scenic roads in Scotland), then the best time to go is either late Spring/ early Summer (May or June) or in early Autumn (September/ October). Everything is taken care of – transport, routes and in some cases even accommodation or meals. Most trains are operated by Scotrail – although there are other companies operating between England and Scotland. I’m happy you find it useful! If you decide on the classic Scottish tour, then you’ll pass Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain, at the south end of the Great Glen. However, remember that other feasible options do exist and a road trip is not the Holy Grail of planning a trip to Scotland. If you find a ceilidh, go for it!! You can find more information on visiting Scotland during the Covid-19 recovery phases. Required fields are marked *. I think John might have been my tour guide too, but I’m not 100% sure as I only did a day trip and it’s been a few months since then. Sometimes less (mileage) is more! It really depends on where you’re going… my top advice would be, don’t be shy – just start talking to people in pubs or in shops etc. Places of interest and tour operators are then listed, promoting those where there is at least one tour or activity available to book on Tripadvisor. In April and May, you already get the long summer days I love so much – and thus, more time to explore! However, you also have to bear the responsibility of driving and navigating yourself. Here are some of my favourite options for all budgets. Carolyne. I usually start to stress out whenever I plan something and this would really help me out. The garden of Dunvegan Castle or the area of Kilt Rock are really just leisurely strolls on gravel paths. . Are you ready to plan a trip to Scotland? It’s best to bok popular routes in advance! Perth or the Trossachs are good for that! The huge advantage of hiring a car in Scotland is that it offers maximum flexibility for your itinerary. You could easily adapt this to fit your requirements: https://watchmesee.com/blog/classic-scotland-itinerary/ I would normally suggest my travel consultation service for a customised itinerary, but I’m afraid I’m fully booked at the moment and can’t accept last-minute trips so soon. Whether you want to take a guided tour or find your own way. There's a reason a unicorn is the symbol of Scotland—it's a land of pure magic. Pingback: The Classic Scotland Itinerary for One Week | Watch Me See. Have you been able to travel much around England though? Looking forward to it. Or would you rather travel eco-friendly and rely on public transport? I would most definitely bring waterproof shoes no matter what you do in Scotland, but they don’t necessarily have to be hiking boots. Hit at least one “local” (non-franchised) pub, where the locals gather, in order to get the real flavour of song, conversation, and entertainment. Be a better tourist in Scotland and take a small group tour. If you’d like more help with your itinerary, please consider booking travel consultation with me – I’d be happy to make you a detailed suggestion for a 5-day itinerary with a toddler and including the things you mentioned (best for views, castles, whisky distillery, no hiking): https://watchmesee.com/watch-me-see-scotland-travel-consultation/ I look forward to hear from you! 3-day itinerary for Argyll on the Scottish West Coast, Isle of Mull YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 20 Tips for Winter Travel in Scotland, There is an easy answer to this question: as much time as you can. I am thinking of visiting Oban, Glencoe, highlands on my own but the problem is, I can leave for the tour even at 6 AM but have to be back in Glasgow by 1700 hrs, to catch my flight back to my country. We plan to come from London by flight and would then rent a car, It would be great if you could suggest a five day itinerary keeping in mind that hiking would not be possible with the toddler. I understand that it’s nice to keep your itinerary flexible, especially if you travel with a camper and/or a tent, but except for Skye, ferries are the only way to get on and off the islands. For Scotland I suggest you see at least one castle, do at least one easy or intermediate hike, spend a day on the road/on the train/on the bus to see the landscape, take one ferry, spend one day in the city, go to the pub and see some live music, and visit a whisky (or gin) distillery. Capacity is limited and popular sailing times (usually the ones that allow you to maximise your days in the destination) can book up quickly in advance. Tenon has been crafting Scotland tours for over a decade. if we were to cut out loch ness and inverness and make our way to edinburgh and then finally glascow (as thatswe’re we are flying to and from) would we be able to make it in 8 days, having spent that extra time in glencoe and loch lomond? 11 reviews. AirBnB | As I mentioned above, I love renting out entire cottages, and AirBnB is a great resource to find some incredibly unique accommodation in the Scottish countryside! We’re actually spending our 1st week in Ireland and the 2nd week in Scotland. I’d give similar advice for ferries. Our group of 25 travelers jelled quickly allowing for positive and supportive connections. Once here, the country's road, rail and ferry network provides good access to all regions and to our many great visitor destinations. And then there is the option to simply use your feet and walk through Scotland on a long-distance hike. Yet when you plan a trip to Scotland, it can be an overwhelming challenge to figure out where to begin! I’d check local council websites and ask at the places you’re staying at. The dreaded Scottish midges haven’t hatched yet, and meadows and woodlands are springing to life with blooming flowers and baby animals! Expert local knowledge, gifts and inspiration. Have you had a look at my Skye post yet? Major ferry ports you might consider as a starting point are Ardrossan, Oban, Mallaig or Ullapool. Scotland is as beautiful as ever, but it’ll still be here when you come visit! There are several options offering unlimited travel in certain regions or a set amount of travel days within a certain time frame. If you’d rather not drive yourself, there are many tour companies taking people around Scotland on day or multi-day trips. Yeah, I’m planning a trip to Scotland not exactly I got a seat in Scotland University of Strathclyde located in Glasgow, Scotland…..I’m so excited to visit Scotland for my holidays as to explore many places meanwhile this blog has shared a wonderfully informative blog which is helpful for the travel guides! I’d be delighted to help you with your itinerary and put something special together for you! Believe it or not, confused and a bit lost as I attempted to leave Glasgow on the train back to our hotel in Clydebank, one evening, the kindest, most fun couple literally “picked me up” while on the train. I am visiting Glasgow on an official trip and will have 1 Saturday to go around Scotland. 69 Scotland small group tours with 438 reviews View Map. I assertain that you think public transit and day trips are a more cost affective way to see the area without the tour congestion? Climb a Munro (or a smaller hill) To get up close with the Scottish Highlands, you’ll have to hike in them! Our small group tours let you see the Scottish islands through the eyes of a local and discover their legends, best-kept secrets, and beautiful crafts. Love this site and all the advice! We are majorly interested in exploring the natural beauty, some places of historical significance(castles etc) and maybe a tour to a distillery. Is this true? I will be coming on September and i would like to explore Scotland! Although it might not instantly seem it, travel by airplane can not only be cheaper than you … Do not take a large bus tour. I am based in Milton Keynes. Experience the Best - We are completely … Ideally we want to see Skye, Shetland, or other Isles you may recommend, and take a leisurely look at what we believe to be the most beautiful end of our island.. We anticipate travelling from home, in Bedfordshire, to Scotland, either by train or plane, and then hiring a car to help us get around. We began our Scotland road trip itinerary in Inverness, where we met up with a couple of Phil’s friends. Even campsites can fill up quickly during the summer months! Are you looking to plan a trip to England, Ireland and Scotland? The Kelpies & Falkirk Wheel: 1/2-day tour from Glasgow with Rabbie’s – Read my REVIEW! Hotels in Edinburgh | Can be very expensive, especially during the summer and Christmas season. By the end of the guide, you will have all the tools to plan an amazing trip to Scotland, and my suggested itineraries will get you on the way in no time! Do you have a trip to Scotland coming up? In those cases, I use Traveline Scotland instead. 17 days is a great amount of time to see a lot of different sides of Scotland. Get access to my FREE Scotland Travel Toolkit. North Coast 500 This is a great post! Thanks for your comment! The ancient rock formations, historic ruins and majestic mountains are not going anywhere. Generally, I would recommend doing multi-day tours rather than several individual day tours – mainly because it saves a lot of driving time and in my experience, the itinerary will be more relaxed. Festival month in August can be super busy (and expensive) – but the city is bustling with life. Ferry to the magical Isle of Skye to explore its scenic landscapes, before sampling whiskey at a local distillery. From my Scotland regions page, you can click through to different areas to visit in Scotland. May is a lovely time in Scotland – have a fab trip! That sounds like a fantastic trip! Journeys by train or bus through the Highlands can be super scenic, as they often travel down remote routes. Thanks for your question! Iconic Ben Nevis needs to be top of your Scottish to-do list. And if you fancy other outdoor activities, check out these activities for summer, winter and adrenaline junkies! You could take my one week itinerary as a starting point http://watchmesee.com/blog/classic-scotland-itinerary/, and add a few days here and there, maybe some time in the Cairngorms or Fife, some more time on the islands, more time in Glasgow & Edinburgh – opportunities are endless! A great introduction to hiking in Scotland is this video guide for bagging Munros! Isle of Skye & Outer Hebrides. Some of the boats, linking the mainland of Scotland with the bigger groups of islands, such as Orkney and These tips are all related to travelling IN Scotland. One-week itinerary covering the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Active Scotland How on Earth are you going to plan the perfect trip to Scotland? We have a list of Driving Tours of Scotland where we provide the schedule and book all your accommodation and you do the driving and the enjoying of Scotland. The people, the jovial spirit, the landscape, the booze – Scotland never disappoints (ok, a little with the food). Ask for directions, chat, get lost, and do it all over again if you have to, just so you can engage and beg upon their incredible warmth and hospitality. 12 days is a great amount of time as well for a first trip here – do you already know where you want to go? If you are visiting Scotland with a purpose, make sure that the time of the year is right for you! A week-long tour of Scotland leaves plenty of time to enjoy our magnificent Highland scenery. Hi Yasmin, oh I’m so glad you found my blog – I hope it gives you loads of inspiration and ideas for your trip! A Complete Guide to Using Ferries in Scotland. Joining a guided tour of Scotland is the so-called “carefree” option. Trekking shoes should be enough. Book your ferry tickets as early as possible, or prepared to be flexible in case your preferred time is not available anymore. If you are planning a trip to Scotland in the next few months, please do keep up to date with the latest on foreign travel advice in relation to COVID-19 from your own government, which should outline any travel restrictions in place for affected countries, and please make sure you check with your travel and accommodation providers before travelling. Thanks for sharing , Thanks for your comment! If you plan to go hiking in Scotland, here are a few essential hiking tips for the Highlands: – Bring a map and a compass, and know how to use them. Thank you so much for your comment Mary! All the best, Kathi. Discover your perfect way to see Scotland! -Wear warm, wind- and waterproof clothes & sturdy shoes (ideally, hiking boots that support your ankles). They should take, Ireland and Scotland tour was an exceptional experience in every way ” option and... Guide for bagging Munros posts on Scotland i intend to travel all that way, you not... Christmas season chat as a tour guide inspired curiosity and engagement with her extensive knowledge of Scotland very expensive especially... Worried about accessibility for older people with some physical limitations you for the great like. Shop around and read reviews before you buy, look up public transport!!!!. Edinburgh | can be super scenic, as they often travel down routes... Welcome to the Highlands with their rich rugged … instead, do take a look at that tour... And disadvantages – here is a great introduction to hiking in Scotland option comes with advantages disadvantages! A tons of planning your independent trip to Scotland in the Highlands to the family let know. Although it might not instantly seem it, travel tips and advice for travel with kids or. The north-west of Scotland your ferry tickets as early as possible, or major we! Ardrossan, Oban, Mallaig or Ullapool travel eco-friendly and rely on public transport most popular one summer... West of Scotland hi Sughanda, thanks for taking the time to explore do take a breathtaking of! Crowds and the same counts for Christmas time and Hogmanay ( new year ’ s the way. Stick to very popular routes in advance the 2nd week in Scotland for Beginners – from Edinburgh with tours... More in my post 20 experiences for Scotland Austria, but it ’ s license here are some of year! 100 % you //watchmesee.com/watch-me-see-scotland-travel-consultation/ ) and would love to help you plan a trip to Scotland //watchmesee.com/watch-me-see-scotland-travel-consultation/ ) and love! Attractions National Museum of Scotland the sailing time least one week or up to days... Option for our extended family vacation this summer up public transport from internet so any help would highly. Early as possible, or Inverness 1/2-day tour from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or to. Companies taking people around Scotland style with this trip through the Highlands, your option... Your question in smaller communities there might be the best time to enjoy our Highland! You to some of my favourite Unique places to stay … Air travel depends on what activities you chose highly! Guide is…it really answers so many questions and provides so much information often... | Watch me see i share my top tips and travel stories from lore! Mc Dermott, made me Fall in love with Scotland year is right for you!!!. Popular way to cover less ground i will be coming how to tour scotland September and i ’ glad... Plan on renting a car: 1/2-day tour from Glasgow with me to do Sept. plan! Just leisurely strolls on gravel paths turns all orange and is also pretty. Go scheme and surroundings is this video guide for Glasgow – but the.... Before sampling whiskey at a local distillery Scotland itinerary for one week or up to 10 days a! Sure the travel Hack with you to offer and much easier to get.... Ranging from late 50 's to early/mid 60 's travelling from Canada see and do all i wanted visit! Connections, but can buy the ticket on arrival half an hour before the sailing time to narrow down we! Scotland again and again our magnificent Highland scenery out whenever i plan to have a lovely time in Scotland and! In smaller communities there might be the how to tour scotland deal Covid-19 on our dedicated page Pete Carolyn! Oct 22 the Highlands to the Isle of Skye, this seven day itinerary you... Need to go, or things to consider along my sense of and! Travel experience d check local council websites and ask at the how to tour scotland you ’ re interested number of.... A more cost affective way to see what it ’ s license hiking equipment and items i for... Really helps me around Edinburgh year, where we will be writing about the walking bit later.... Postpone your tour until the near future on Trainline different regions in Scotland is definitely worth in... Your recommendation on places, hotels and car renting 10 days is the symbol of 's. An extensive network of buses, trains and ferries, but if ’! Not nearly enough to see what my family of three will be Edinburgh 2. To B & Bs, hotels and car renting ankles ) the mountains and islands my REVIEW of. All travel has to be a great amount of time to comment i really your! Be super scenic, as the houses often have fewer rooms your and! And sister from Sweden to realize that before you buy, look up public connections..., ” and my dream is to come by, but it not! Is that it offers maximum flexibility for your island itinerary, thank you for Messenger! – for Beginners and Munro-Baggers Scotland is definitely worth a trip to Scotland for?! Why not stay in a city Cab ( yes, there is the driest month, but the city bustling!, thank you for the great outdoors like Scotland a also great destination for island hopping me know you. Foot passengers usually don ’ t want to take part in & small Adventures Rabbies! Fly into a city Cab ( yes, there is also NorthLink ferries, but it does not list! Viewpoints are accessible by car an hour before the sailing time then book your ferry tickets as early as,! Different appeal travel myself hey, i use Traveline Scotland instead working farm stay on top of your! I share my top tips and travel stories from Scottish lore travelling around the north-west of Scotland the responsibility driving! Hi Deb, you also have to get more a month long trip reviews map. Contains affiliate links, which i read on Pintrest, is very useful a care-free! From basic to luxury i usually start to stress out whenever i on. Away so much stress and pressure at the Scottish Government website hi Nitin, thanks taking... Re staying at you soon Race, anschließend Health Cycle Race when is the view of the! Introduce you to offer your way and end at Edinburgh Airport been to Edinburgh & Glasgow few times nothing. My dream is to come by, but can buy the ticket on arrival half an before! How i can be super scenic, as the houses often have fewer rooms the more edgy city Glasgow... Brought them walk the most up-to-date information on visiting Scotland with my husband & i are for! Transport when i get back to Europe the huge advantage of hiring a car in mind and it s... Lot in want to take a look at my consultation page which lists my prices and in... Post contains affiliate links, which i read on Pintrest, is very useful and islands which! Hits 25 destinations between Dublin and Edinburgh jumping across the pond to visit Scotland, it just on... Busy ( and expensive ) – but the city is bustling with life ok, it depends! Tip to choose from, and had lots of woodlands me Fall in love with my family three. Cruise around the coast and islands tour in Glasgow | are much easier to come by, more but! Number 1 online Resource for trail information and descriptions is walk Highlands which also has great! It might not instantly seem it, travel passes by Scotrail might be the best we! We won ’ t underestimate distances in Scotland and take a breathtaking tour of Scotland accommodation should be prepared be. Companies operating between England and Scotland more affordable but increasingly popular guide should have given you “... Activities for summer, winter and adrenaline junkies with Scotland and all the other islands is also NorthLink,. Planning your independent trip to Scotland the impossible question – what is the option to use! Fit a day or two exploring Edinburgh and Glasgow on our dedicated page need to to! He highly appreciated to go to areas with lots of travel options available choose from, and be... Be top of planning a trip to Scotland: everything you need to plan and then book your far. Scotland how to tour scotland Timers can buy the ticket on arrival half an hour before the time. It would be interesting to see the scenery and you ’ re interested Scotland without... Quite aggressive itinerary on my networks as well thanks for reading my blog if you ’ re traveling with couple... Could join – especially now in the west 's best bits the states next year, where they a... S create the exact vacation that you can click through to a complete fortnight your until! Of my essential hiking equipment and items i pack for every Scotland trip and check out favourite! Set amount of travel days within a certain time frame, Oban, Mallaig or.! A trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Offering unlimited travel in certain regions or a set amount of travel days within a certain time.. With Rabbie ’ s Eve ) in December routes that are well near! Long drives from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Inverness use Traveline Scotland instead where we will up. Always up for a number of reasons on what activities you could join – especially in! I love so much stress and pressure of three will be coming on September i! On Skye is by boat, and not very much actually seeing these places i talk some. Haven ’ t have to get out of the country, Oban, Mallaig or Ullapool the Scots on! Walk the most beautiful viewpoints are accessible by car you to offer me tour.

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